Adjust transport fare in line with fuel price cut: ANNISU (R)

All Nepal National Independent Students Union (Revolutionary) on Saturday urged the government to reduce the price of the transport fare in accordance with the recent price cut of the petroleum products.

Issuing a statement today the ANNISU (R), sister wing of the UCPN (Maoist), has put-forth its 3-point demand to pile pressure on the government to adjust the transportation fare as well as the price of other daily commodities in line with the reduced fuel prices.

Appreciating the government for adjusting the local fuel price in the wake of falling global oil prices, the ANNISU-R has also maintained that the people in general have not yet been able to heave a sigh of relief owing to the exorbitant price hike in the daily commodities in the past that soared up with the price hike in fuel.

The three-point demand is as follows:

• Reduce the transportation fare in according with the reduced fuel price.

• Reduce the price in the daily commodities that soared up due to price-hike in the fuel in the past.

• Curb corruption and fuel pilferage in the NOC.

Nepal Oil Corporation (NOC) on Friday reduced price of petrol by Rs 7 per liter, and diesel and petrol by Rs 5.30 liter each.