A big congratulation to Swornima Shakya – winner of World Champ-PEN

This year’s World Champ-PEN, is Swornima Shakya from Nepal, the winner in the contest for 13 through 19 Artistic Handwriting. She previously won Second Place for 8 through 12 Cursive Handwriting in 2013

In the Contest’s World Champ-PEN-Ship round each year, we compare first-prize entries in the World Handwriting Contest with first-prize entries in one or more other handwriting contests that have asked to take part in the World Champ-PEN-Ship.

In the Champ-PEN-Ship for 2007, five other handwriting contests took part along with the World Handwriting Contest click here for details on these other participating contests.

Image Source: SLC 2070 B.S.

Text Source: Handwritingrepair