90 pc culprits of VAW face action‚ claims Gautam

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Home Affairs, Bamdev Gautam, has claimed that 90 per cent of the people found culpable in committing violence against women (VAW) have faced legal action.

Speaking at the meeting of the Women, Children, Senior Citizen and Social Welfare Committee held at Singha Durbar today, DPM Gautam expressed his commitment to take actions against the remaining 10 per cent culprits of VAW including rape, murder and assault sooner or later.

He said it is necessary to amend the existing laws related to violence against women and its strong implementation.

The Home Minister said, “Around 66,000 police personnel are deputed to maintain peace and security in the country and it is not sufficient.”

“The police administration has been fulfilling its responsibility despite limited means and resources,” he claimed.

DPM Gautam was invited to hold discussion regarding government’s action plan to curb rape cases and VAW.

Similarly, Minister for Women, Children and Social Welfare, Neelam KC, said that the Ministry has been working actively for rehabilitation of victim women by establishing rehabilitation centres in 17 districts.

Committee members Jayanti Rai, Baburam Pokharel, Ganesh Man Gurung, Banshidhar Mishra, Nisha Kumari Shah and Rita Rawal among others demanded that law giving death penalty to rapist should be formulated.

Similarly, lawmakers Yashoda Lama and Rukmini Chaudhary said that the incidents of VAW are increasing in the country due to political protection to culprits.

The meeting also decided to make arrangement for implementation of the existing law in an effective manner to check rape cases and VAW.

Similarly, a conclusion was drawn to make reliable arrangement for the monitoring in this regard and providing progress report to the committee.

Source: THT