7th National Games get logo and mascot

7th National Games get logo and mascot

National Sports Council (NSC) on Friday unveiled the logo and mascot for the Seventh National Games to be held in the Eastern Region from November 27 to December 4.

Minister for Youth and Sports Purushottam Paudel unveiled the logo and mascot of the Games during a function organized at the NSC, Tripueshwar. MoYS Secretary Dipendra Nath Sharma, NSC Member Secretary Keshab Kumar Bista and other officials of the sports governing body attended the function.
The logo designed by artist Khim Raj Shrestha, who had also designed the logo of the Fifth National Games, was selected for the sports fiesta. Similarly, the mascot designed by Santosh Bista was selected from among various other designs.

A three-member selection committee under the coordination of Kamal Khanal, chief of the Seventh National Games Preparation Secretariat, had selected the logo and the mascot. Professor Radheshyam Mulmi and Ramesh Khanal were the other members of the committee.

NSC provided Rs 45,000 to Shrestha and Rs 35,000 to Bista for their designs.

The logo designed by Shrestha depicts the world’s highest peak, Mount Everest, which is in the Eastern Region. The national flag of Nepal and seven players in seven different colors, with the front runner carrying a torch, are also depicted on the logo.

Similarly, the mascot, designed by Bista, represents a wild water buffalo carrying a torch. The Eastern Region is the habitat of the animal, which is found mainly in the Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve. According to the 2014 census, there are around 337 wild water buffaloes, each of which weighs around 700 to 1200 kilograms in average with a height of 150 to 190 centimeters.

Meanwhile, Minister Paudel commented that the logo was bright and attractive, while the mascot, despite being dark, represents the region (Eastern Region).

Similarly, MoYS Secretary Sharma described the logo as a representation of unity in diversity and the mascot as a symbol of preservation of the animal.

NSC Member Secretary Bista said that the National Games will be organized in the scheduled date and venues amid speculation that unfavorable political situation might force the organizer to postpone it.

“There have been various speculations regarding the National Games as to whether it will be organized or not. So I want to make it clear that the games will be held on the scheduled time and venues. We finalized the date considering political ups and downs as well as festivals of different communities,” claimed Bista.

Altogether 35 sports have been included in the games.

Source: MyRepublica