7‚000 children deprived of BCG‚ MR vaccines in Gorkha

Some 7,000 children in Gorkha have been deprived of BCG and MR vaccines as the district has been hit by the scarcity of these two important vaccines needed by infants.

BCG and MR vaccines are administered to the children below 9 months to protect them against tuberculosis and measles and rubella.

These vaccines were administered to the children in last October in the district, but owing to its shortage, children here have been deprived of these essential vaccines.

Jivan Thapa Magar, a parent, shared that he was tired of walking to the health post and the local hospital to check whether the vaccines have arrived.

“When I went the hospital, they send me to the public health office,” Magar said adding, “When I go public health office, they send me back to hospital, citing no vaccine.”

Children from two Municipalities and 60 VDCs of the district are deprived of availing the vaccines provided by the government for free.

According to the District Health Office (DHO), Gorkha, some 7,000 children have been hit hard by the shortage of these inevitable vaccines.

On the other hand, Amarsingh Panday, the Vaccination Officer at the DHO, Gorkha, said the crisis would be resolved within January.

He explained that these two vaccines, which ran short throughout the country for sometime, have arrived Kathmandu and they would procure and make them available in the district by the end of January.

Source: THT