7 women rescued from traffickers’ clutches

7 women rescued from traffickers’ clutches

Metropolitan Police Sector Office (MPSO), Nagdhunga have rescued seven women aged between 18 and 32 from a Jhapa bound bus that was heading toward New Delhi. The police approached the seven women after they grew suspicious and upon questioning, the women revealed that they would be flying to Kurdistan of Iraq after reaching New Delhi.

Of the five people suspected of being involved in trafficking the women, the police have arrested two so far. According to Deputy Superintending of Police Dilli Raj Panta, the chief of MPSO, the seven women–six from Sindhupalchowk district and one from Gorkha–had no idea that they were being trafficked. The police said that the women had been promised lucrative jobs abroad with salaries ranging from USD 300 to 350 per month.

The traffickers had kept the family members of the women in dark about their final destination. The police said that none of the women had travel documents as the traffickers were preparing to make fake travel documents in India.

The two arrested are Dawa Dorje Tamang and Dawa Tamang of Sindhupalchwok. The police have launched a manhunt to nab the other three suspects. The District Court has remanded them to seven days in custody for investigation.

Nepal Police has stepped up vigil at exit points and in the districts bordering India fearing possible trafficking of children and women from quake-hit areas.

In the last few months, security personnel have rescued dozens of children

Source: MyRepublica