60 foreigners still out of contact in Upper Dolpa

60 foreigners still out of contact in Upper Dolpa

As many as one hundred tourists including 60 foreigners have gone out of contact as of Thursday evening due to the snowstorm in Upper Dolpa.

Ten groups of tourists who had reached Upper Dolpa were caught in the snowstorm on Tuesday. Out of them, one group comprising 17 members came in contact on Thursday. Other groups are still unaccounted for, said Him Thapa, an official of CG Trekking Store. “We are worried and nervous as the tourists have gone through our channel,” he said.

According to CG Trekking, five of the eleven groups headed towards Upper Dolpa were aiming to reach Jomsom. Three groups had gone to ascend the Putha Mountain. Of those out of contact, six groups were headed for Upper Dolpa, five groups towards Jomsom and two groups had the plan to descend down to lower Dolpa. There were 60 foreigners, cooks, porters and guides in the groups.

DSP Surya Bahadur KC said the chances of missing ones being in unfavourable situation are low. “We are hopeful that they are safe somewhere on their way,” he said.

Source: Republica