50 pc kids in Parsa malnourished

PARSA: A recent reserach statistics released by the Equality Hindrance Analysis Programme under the District Development Committe (DDC) has stated that about 50 per cent children from the marginalised communities in the district are found suffering from malnutrition problem.

The survey was conducted in 10 VDCs in the district aiming to prepare an effective plan to implement the malnutrition minimisation scheme.

The survey covers the condition of health, sanitation, education, drinking water, women and child development among other topics.

The programme was supported by the UNICEF. Of the total children in the VDCs, 50 per cent are found suffering from domestic violence, 45 percent from child labour and the rest from early marriage. These are the obstacles for equitable development, said DDC official Shambhu Kushwaha.

Such porogramme has been conducted in 15 districts and 123 VDCs as the first phase, he added.

The programme was implemented to promote the marginal groups of the district, said local development officer (LDO) Guru Prasad Subedi.

Source: THT