43 held for illicit sex

Chitwan Police raided the hotels from Bharatpur and Narayangadh and arrested 43 persons involved in illicit sex.

A team led by Deputy Superintendent of Police, Shantiraj Koirala, arrested the man and women from 16 hotels at Pokhara Bus Park of Narayangadh and at Bust Terminal of Chitwan.

The arrested ones range from 16 to 35 years of age. Most of them are teenagers and the women having their husbands abroad for employment, the police added.

Investigation into the incident was underway. After the locals complained that the sex works thrived at hotels and restaurants, the police took vigil and conducted raids.

Meanwhile, the District Administration Office, Chitwan, has arranged identity cards at the hotels in order to curb illicit sex works and other related crimes. With this, the hotel owners keep the identity of the guest/customer in the hotels.

The police have said if the hoteliers violate this rule of keeping customers´ identity, they too would be meted out action. -RSS

Source: Republica