3rd party verification must: KMC

The Kathmandu Metropolitan City has made third party verification mandatory for construction of quake resistant buildings in the capital.

The metropolis will ensure third party verification of quake resistant buildings in line with the National Building Code,1994 developed and enacted by the government. The houses destroyed by the April 25 earthquake and subsequent aftershocks will be provided discounts on building permit fee. As much as 75 per cent discount is offered on building permit fee for completely damaged and 25 per cent for partially damaged houses.

House owners will now have to hire licensed engineers approved by the KMC for construction of quake resistant buildings. The engineers designated to verify compliance with the NBC will provide architectural, technical and scientific assistance for construction of quake resistant buildings.

Chief Executive Officer Rudra Singh Tamang said house-owners will be permitted to add storey to the existing houses after rapid visual damage assessment. Similarly, soil testing is a must for rebuilding and constructing quake resistant buildings.

However, third party verification charges have been hiked to Rs 25 per sq ft from Rs 10 for 3,000 sq ft new buildings and Rs 35 from Rs 15 for larger buildings.

KMC also plans to increase the tax on the building permits, according to officials.

Source: THT