361 Nepali migrant workers in Malaysia died in 2014: Embassy report

Altogether 361 Nepali migrant workers in Malaysia have died due to various reasons including ailments, accidents, and suicide among others in the year 2014 alone.

According to the data released by Nepai Embassy in Malaysia, 11 people lost their lives while working in factories, 52 people died of different chronic ailments, 36 died in accidents, 46 committed suicide.

The actual reasons behind the deaths of the 216 people is still not known.

The data revealed by embassy shows that the maximum number of death (44) was in September.

Till the date in December, 15 people have died.

The main causes behind the deaths of the Nepali migrant workers are the unsuitable climatic conditions, not having proper knowledge on traffic rules and the companies’ carelessness on timely treatment of their workers.

“The companies negligence on timely and proper treatment of their workers have become the main cause behind huge number of deaths, ” Said Nepali ambassador to Malaysia, Noranjanman Basnayta, adding that “this year alone 52 Nepalis lost their lives due to lack of care.”

Beside this accidents have become another major cause behind the deaths. This year 36 people lost their live.

“Though the companies, who recruit workers in Malayasia are compulsorily asked to train workers on traffic rules, but the companies are found giving duplicate certificates without any refreshment training on traffic rules.” Said Basnyat.

According to Basnyat family tensions, undesired work, and salary are the main causes that lead workers to suicide.

Beside these causes, many workers die of improper food habits, not drinking enough water, drinking substandard liquors.

Source: Republica