33pc married women have uterine prolapse in Kanchanpur

Around 33 per cent of the married women in the district have been found suffering from uterine prolapse.

Getting married in an early age, having too many children with less gap in between, carrying load during pregnancy and lack of nutritious food were the reasons found to have contributed to the women suffering the problem also known as ‘falling of the womb’.

Lack of awareness on uterine prolapse, ineffective health services and workload on women have compounded the problem, says senior Public Health Administrator at the Public Health Office Kanchanpur, Bal Bahadur Mahat.

According to him, majority of the women suffering from uterine prolapse in the district are between 15 to 49 years of age.

The Office has been holding health camps since the past seven years to screen women who are likely to have the problem and also carrying out surgery for those requiring it. 

Last year alone, around 100 women underwent surgery to get rid of the problem, according to the Office.

“Around 25 per cent of the pregnant women were also found suffering from the problem,” Mahat said.

Some of the women with uterine prolapse were found to have developed cancer as well.

Source: THT