32 days after the Great Earthquake in photos

Thirty-two days have passed since the Great Earthquake shook the country on April 25. More than 8,600 people lost their lives, 22,000 were injured and over 500,000 houses were destroyed in the deadly quake and its subsequent aftershocks.

In these 32 days, The Kathmandu Post’s photographers managed to capture aftermath situations of the earthquake in their camera by visiting various affected areas. The following snapshots show the massive scale of devastation and the gradual recovery from the disaster.

Photos by: Narendra Shrestha, Kiran Panday, Shaligram Tiwari, Laxmi Prasad Ngakhusi, Prakash Timilsena, Kaushal Adhikari, Nimesh Jang Rai, Sanjog Manandhar and Hemanta Shrestha

Source: eKantipur