3-year BBA from foreign universities to get equivalence of 4-year course: MOE

Private colleges affiliated to foreign universities offering three-year BBA course in the country no longer have to be concerned about the course duration and equivalence. 

According to the Ministry of Education (MoE), a three-year Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) program offered by private colleges affiliated to foreign universities will now get equivalence of four-year Bachelor´s degree. 

The MoE on Friday made a decision to provide an equivalence of four-year bachelor´s degree to those private colleges meeting criteria set by the Curriculum Development Center (CDC), Tribhuvan University, according to Diliram Rimal, joint secretary at the ministry.

However, such private colleges will have to complete the three-year BBA course within 120 credit hours to get the equivalence. 

A credit hour is equal to 16 hours. Hence, completion of three-year BBA program within 1,920 hours is a must for those colleges providing foreign BBA course in order to get equivalence of four-year BBA of TU. 

The four-year equivalence also depends on whether private colleges affiliated to foreign universities are offering distance learning or regular class based education. For both the cases, the colleges offering the BBA course with weightage of 1,400 marks will be given four-year BBA equivalence. 

Though the colleges are offering foreign three-year bachelor course of international universities in the country, the course will get equivalence of four-year bachelor program operating in the country only after they meet these criteria defined by the CDC, Gopindra Poudel, Executive Director at CDC, told Republica. 

“In case of those colleges affiliated to foreign university that had received approval from the Ministry of Education for offering four-year BBA program in the past, they will receive approval for three-year program too,” Rimal added. 

Meanwhile, Narottam Aryal, general secretary of International Education Providers´ Association, Nepal (IEPAN), who is also executive director of King´s College, welcomed the government´s move in favor of the colleges affiliated to foreign universities. 

The decision made through proper coordination between the TU and the MoE has protected the foreign education providing institutions in the country, Aryal added.

Source: Republica