3 villages of Bhaktapur at high risk of landslides

Sixteen houses in Giritole of Tathali have fallen under risk of landslides after the hill above that had suffered cracks in the recent earthquake took the form of land slip.

As a result, more than 50 per cent of the residents have already moved out while others remain in continuous threat of landslips. The house owned by Sanubhai Giri in Tathali-3 was completely damaged in the recent quake and he had been living at a temporary shed next to the fallen house. However, the threat of landslides continues to haunt him now.

Likewise, houses in Giri, Basnet, Khadka, Chunka, Basukala and Nemhafuki tole in Tathari Saudole have also fallen under the risk of landslides.

Meanwhile, public transportation in the locality has come to a halt after the landslides swept away the only road to Giri tole. The lack of road has severely hit the locals, said local resident Sabitri Basnet.

Likewise, the risk of landslide has affected the Devi Higher Secondary School as well. The toilet wall of the school has already been swept away by the landslips, assistant headmaster Krishna Gopal Chunka said. There are 650 students studying in the high school

Source: THT