3 freed Nepali hostages return home from Bangkok

The three Nepali students rescued from the clutches of abductors after being kidnapped on December 20 in Bangkok, Thailand returned home to Nepal on Thursday.

Roshan Shrestha, Karna Hachenthu and Bibhus Rijal arrived in the capital city after a joint and successful rescue effort by Thai and Nepal Police.

They were greeted with Tika and garland with the accompaniment of cheers from their relatives and friends at the Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA).

Karna´s father Krishna Hachenthu said he was glad to see his son in good health after going through a traumatic period after receiving the news of his abduction. “I had almost fainted with pain after receiving the news of abduction, today I am fainting with joy to meet my son,” he said.

Nepal Police SP Pitambar Adhikari of the Central Investigation Bureau, collaborated with the Thai Police to succeed in nabbing the abductors and freeing the hostages without any harm, four days after reaching Bangkok.

The abductors had demanded a ransom of Rs 10 million from each of the families of the hostages through telephone calls to Nepal.

Bureau´s Deputy Inspector General, Hemanta Malla, said the incident had provided an example of how Nepal Police could play a supportive role to resolve the problems faced by Nepali citizens in foreign land.

The CIB team has arrested Sujan Yadav aka Shrichan Rao, 30, from Kathmandu for playing the role of a middle man tasked with sending the ransom money to the abductors in Bangkok from Nepal.

The abductors, Yukash Rehman, 22, a Thai with a Pakistani father and Mohammad Jalir, 46, a Pakistani national among others were arrested by the Thai police. RSS

Source: Republica