29 Nepali workers in Malaysia receive ‘death threats’

29 Nepali migrant workers in Malaysia confined in a room sans food since five days by a Malaysian company, have received death threats.

Following the news on their captivity, an official from the company threatened to kill them, one of the worker told Myrepublica over the telephone.

“Sir, we have received death threats. Police said they will come to rescue us,” one Rabindra Chaudhray told Myrepublica crying.

“You informed the newspaper. We won’t let you go and starve you all and If you continue these acts, we will kill you,” added Chaudhary quoting the official.

The migrant workers, who reached there for foreign jobs through International Manpower Recruitment Pvt. Ltd. one and a half months ago, have claimed that they were not provided with promised work and salary.

Worker said they were contracted to work for seatbelt manufacturing company, but are assigned to works like cutting grass among others.

Another worker informed that some of his fellow workers have fallen sick.

The Nepal-based manpower company said the problem aroused as workers refused medical checkup.

Source: Republica