24 per cent increase in people migrating for foreign employment

There has been a steady increase in the number of Nepalis migrating to different destination countries for foreign job opportunities.

According to the Department of Foreign Employment (DoFE), departure of migrant workers in five months of the current Fiscal Year 2014/15 increased by 24 percent compared to the last Fiscal Year 2013/14.
A total of 225,977 Nepali migrant workers left for destination countries which is higher than the same period in last fiscal year by 55,000.

According to DoFE, a total of 100,626 people went to Malaysia, 51,799 to Qatar, 36,378 to Saudi Arabia, 23,271 to UAE, 4,123 to Kuwait, 2,077 to South Korea, and 794 to Japan in the five-month period.

Malaysia has been the most popular destination for Nepali migrant workers because of the value of Malaysian currency being stronger compared to the currencies of other Gulf countries.
Although the government has fixed the service charge Rs 80,000 for Malaysia and Rs 70,000 for Gulf countries, workers are obligated to pay more than Rs 100,000 to go to Malaysia and same price for Gulf countries.

Similarly, DoFE also states that the number of fraud cases in foreign employment service is also rising each year. A total 1,224 cases of complaints had registered in DoFE in five months, claiming Rs 317.87 million.

Among the total complaints, 449 are from individuals while remaining 775 are from different organizations.

DoFE restricted operation of 20 recruiting agencies during the five months time.

Source: Nepalnews