220 inmates flee from prisons after quake

220 inmates flee from prisons after quake

Around 220 inmates fled from various prisons taking advantage of lax security following the Great Earthquake. Prison Management Department has warned of initiating legal action against the inmates if they do not come in contact.

Director General of the Department Himnath Dawadi said the inmates escaped after the earthquake damaged the prisons. All 216 inmates detained at Sindhupalchok District Prison fled. Apart from that, three prisoners fled from central jail at Shudhara and one from Dillibazaar jail.

Sixteen inmates were killed after the building of central jail collapsed in the earthquake . Five prisoners, including two Pakistanis, have come in contact.

“We are in the process to issue notice for the escapees to come in contact,” said Dawadai. Action would be initiated against those who do not surrender voluntarily.

The earthquake has inflicted damage to 40 prisons across the country. The condition of central jail is pathetic, while the buildings of Nakhu and Dillibazaar jails have been demaged. The inmates have been sheltered under tarpaulin.

Source: eKantipur