2016 DV lottery opens on Oct 1

2016 DV lottery opens on Oct 1

The United States of America has invited applications for the Diversity Visa (DV) programme for 2016.

DV is a lottery operated by the American government that allows its winners to get free of cost visa for the States.

According to US Embassy in Kathmandu, the application period for the DC opens at noon, Eastern Standard Time, October 1, 2014 (9:45 pm local time in Nepal).

Applicants can apply for the lottery till the noon, Eastern Standard Time, November 3, 2014 (10:45 pm local time).

Stating that the application is free of cost, the Embassy has requested all not to fill the applications through a consultant. “Please consider using a family member, friend or other trusted person if you need assistance,” the US Mission has said, “No matter who provides assistance, you are solely responsible for your own application.”

According to the Embassy, the applications should be registered electronically at the official website www.dvlottery.state.gov.

The American Embassy has asked the applicants to register their spouse and all of unmarried children under the age of 21 at the time of application.

“Submissions without the inclusion of family members will invalidate your entry,” the Embassy had warned, “You must submit only one application.”

It asked them to print and save the confirmation number to check status of their application.

According to the Embassy, the results will be out at www.dvlottery.state.gov on or after May 5, 2015.

“Please be aware that even if you are selected as a DV winner, this does not guarantee that you will receive a visa,” alerted the Embassy. For a US visa, one has to be qualified as mentioned in the US immigration law, according to the Embassy.

Source: THT