2 held on attempted murder, abduction for 5 m ransom

2 held on attempted murder, abduction for 5 m ransom

Metropolitan Police Crime Division, Hanumandhoka, on Monday arrested two men apparently involved in kidnapping a 10-year-old boy for ransom.

The arrested are Bhim Bahadur Magar,23 of Dolakha, Marbu VDC-9 and Rudra Khatri, 26 of Dolakha, Marbu VDC-3.

According to SP Buddhi Gurung, both the kidnappers were temporally living in Bhaktapur and are painters by profession.

“Influenced by a Hindi movie, we abducted the boy for ransom to make fast bucks,” SP Gurung quoted the abductors as saying.

Police said they hatched a plan to abduct the boy on June 6.

They took the 10-year-old son of Bhimsen Bamjan of Gokaneshwar Municipality, Dakshin Dhoka, to a jungle nearby, luring him that they would take him to watch football match.

When the boy began to cry in the jungle, they beat him to death and covered him with twigs and leaves.

Then, they sent text messages to the boy’s parents, asking them to come with Rs 5 million ransom to take their son back.

Miraculously, the boy was not dead. He regained his consciousness and went to a school nearby after the abductors left the spot. Then the people at school handed over the boy to his parents.

Assuming that the boy is dead, the abductors kept sending messages to the boy’s parents asking for ransom. The parents informed the police station about it and the police arrested them from Balkot and Kausaltar based on the mobile number by which they had texted the messages.

MPCD has handed them over after arrest to Metropolitan Police Range, Bauddha. A preparation is underway to charge them under Kidnapping and Hostage-taking Act.

Source: Myrepublica