2 forest officials caught red-handed with bribe

A special team of the Commission for Investigation of Abuse of Authority (CIAA) from Kathmandu nabbed two government officials red-handed in Baglung district while taking bribe on Monday night.

The team arrested forest officer Saroj Kumar Pandey of the District Forest office, Baglung, and assistant forest officer Tikaram Pantha of the Area Forest Office, Baglung, while they were taking Rs. 25,000 each as bribe from a furniture entrepreneur, Yam Prasad Rijal.

The team had confiscated Rs. 25,000 from Pandey’s possession and the amount said to be taken by Pantha as bribe from Rijal was found in Rijal’s possession.

Police Inspector Pushpa Raj Malla at CIAA, the team nabbed Pandey and Pantha on the basis of a written complaint. Both of them were drunk, added Malla.

Malla said investigation into the case was underway and necessary action would be forwarded against them if they were found guilty.

Source: THT