14 Madhesi Maoist leaders to defy party decision on Constitution celebrations

As many as 14 central leaders of UCPN-Maoist, from the Tarai-Madhes region, stated that they would not comply with the party’s decision to welcome the new Constitution and hold celebrations.

They instead criticised the party for agreeing with Nepali Congress and CPN-UML to promulgate the new constitution, which they claimed was discriminatory.

“The party’s decision to celebrate the victory without assessing critical situation in Madhes-Tharuhat, joining hands with Congress and UML, is intolerable and painful for us,” read a statement issued by them.

The new constitution fails to include all and endorsing it is suicidal, the leaders commented, adding, “It does not serve interests of the nation, people and the party.”

They have urged the party to withdraw from the constitution promulgation process and launch protests.

Signatories include Maoist politburo members Ram Chandra Jha, Bishwanath Sah, Prabhu Sah and Mahendra Paswan; central committee members Ram Rijhan Yadav, Ram Kumar Sharma, Hakikulla Khan, Bharat Sah, Ghanashyam Yadav, Ram Chandra Mandal, Upendra Prasad Sah and Chinak Kurmi; and central advisors Kalamuddin Rain and Ramesh Ranjan Jha.

Source: THT