13 different calendars approved for 2072 BS

Nepal Calendar Determination Committee (Nepal Panchanga Nirnayak Samiti) has approved different 13 calendars for publication for the New Year 2072 BS.

The calendar determines every religious and cultural rituals and functions of all Omkar family (Omkar Pariwar). The calendar (Panchanga) comprises Tithi, Bar, Yog, Nakshatra and Karan, said Prof Dr Ram Chandra Gautam, Chairman of the Committee.

Of the approved 13 calendars, nine are the regular ones and four are new. The calendars named Toynath, Akash Darshan, Himal, Baburam Sharma, Surya, Bangalamukhi, Athola, Tarkeshwor, Narnath, among others, were approved for the publication.

Nepal Calendar Determination Committee is formed under Ministry of Culture to approve the calendars to be published for the New Year. RSS

Source: Republica