12 Nepalis fined for illegally leaving Guyana for Venezuela

Twelve Nepali nationals, who were arrested in Guyana on charge of breaching immigration rules while leaving the country for Venezuela in mid-November, have been fined.

They will be deported to Nepal once they pay the penalty of Guyanese Dollar (GYD) 30,000 each, according to Starbroeknews.com. One GYD is worth Rs 0.4847.

If any of them failed to pay the fine, he would be jailed for two weeks before deportation, according to an order by a local magistrate.

The Nepalis, all men, had reportedly visited the South American country to make holidays. They, however, failed to present themselves to an immigration officer while leaving the country. They were arrested by the Guyanese authorities when they were hopping the Guyana-Venezuela border on November 15.

It is not clear yet whether the men were being taken to the United States via Latin America by human traffickers.

Source: THT