10:15 am, the auspicious hour for receiving ‘Tika’ this Dashain

The auspicious hour for immersing statues of Goddesses is at 9:55 am and for receiving tika and prasad at 10:15 am on October 3.

Gautam clarified that though there was no necessary to determine auspicious hour to receive tika from Dashami to Purnima, it would be better to receive tika at 10:15 am during the period.

Likewise, auspicious hour for the procession of the Tulaja Bhawani and Khadhayatra have fallen at 10:21 am and on Bijayadashami.

Kojagrat Purnima falls on October 7, Tuesday, according to the Samiti. This year, the Navarati falls for eight nights and nine days. -RSS

Source: Republica