100 jolts recorded each day: NSC

100 jolts recorded each day: NSC

Even after three months of the devastating April 25 earthquake that took lives of over 9,000 people and rendered thousands of people homeless, the aftershocks are yet to stop.

Chief of National Seismological Center (NSC) Lok Bijay Adhikari informed that the center has recorded over 30,000 aftershocks of the temblor till date.

“In the initial days after the main quake, up to 13,000 aftershocks struck each day,” Adhikari told Myrepublica, “Aftershocks haven’t stopped.”

According to him, around 100 aftershocks per day are measured these days.

The center said it has recorded over 13,000 aftershocks on April 25 and May 12.

NSC generally makes public only the aftershocks measuring 4 and above in the Richter scale.

“We measure earthquake above 2 Richter scale,” he said, “They are not made public as people can’t feel such low magnitude and it doesn’t cause any loss.”

Aftershocks after April 25 earthquake:

4 to 5 magnitude: 359
5 to 6 magnitude: 40
6 to 7 magnitude: 4

Source: MyRepublica