10 VDCs at high-risk of malaria

The Village Development Committees (VDCs) adjoining Rapti river in Banke district are at the high risk of malaria.

According to District Public Health Office, a total of 10 VDCs are at the high risk of malaria.

The malaria risk VDCs are Phattepur, Binauna, Katkuinya, Narainapur, Laxmanpur, Kalaphanta, Baijapur, Mahadevpuri and Kohalpur, according to the office.

Office Chief Jeevan Kumar Malla said most of the people of the VDCs have been suffering from malaria as mosquitoes are specially found at areas like river, stream and jungle.

The Office has been providing a medicated mosquito net (supanet) equal to two persons, a single net to every pregnant woman and spray pesticides to destroy mosquitoes in the 10 VDCs every year.

Malaria is caused by a bite of mosquito infected with parasites. High fever, headache, muscle pain, vomiting, among others, are the symptoms of malaria.

Source: Nepalnews