Help…I cannot open Facebook from my office (or any other web)

It happens many time that you want to visit a web and it doesn’t work because it has been blocked by the administrator…well there are many ways to by-pass the blocked website..the easiest way, however, is using either ultrasurf extension or the proxy (instructions below).

Here’s the Step by step instructions for using Ultrasurf extension  (for CHROME):

Step I: Download the Chrome extension by clicking on this link (click on FREE) or search for Ultrasurf extension.


Step II: Confirm New Extension (Click on ADD)


Step III: Find Ultrasurf by pressing on >> at the top right


Step IV: Click on Ultrasurf (Click ON) THEN try opening the website it should work great!! enjoy !!



Simply go to your internet browser and copy paste this link:

And type the website you want to visit at the end. For instance if our dktm  web is blocked (HOPE NOT) you can simply copy the above link and paste dktm link at the end like:

There you go no installation no nothing and it works like a charm!

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