Create me an apple id please…!

Creating an apple id is annoying and difficult as many of our friends say. Well it’s not, it’s super easy actually, just follow these simple steps and you will be able to make an apple id for yourself!

Step I
Go to the app store on your idevice (iphone/ipad/) and search for a FREE APP (example could be twitter or facebook)

Step II
Click on “GET”

Step III
You will be prompted either to use existing apple ID or create a new one. Click on “Create new Apple ID”

Step IV
Select the country (here we have chosen Nepal) and click on Next

Step V
You may read the details or directly click on “AGREE”

Step VI
Fill up the form: Email / Password/ Security questions etc

Step VII
Use NONE for billing information

Fill the rest of the form

Step IX
Check your inbox you should receive an email from apple for confirmation. Then you are done !

Step X
There you go, you have a created an apple id for yourself. Use the password to download the app 🙂